Over 21 years experience in the injection molding industry and holds multiple certifications in Scientific injection molding and the tools of Lean Six Sigma. Robert is an active contributor to Plastics Technology Magazine and has had publications featured in Medical Design Technology and Plastics Today. He has been published on multiple topics including scientific process development, processing monitoring and the effects of variation. Robert has developed several “Best in Class” Poke Yoke systems with third party production and process monitoring such as Intouch Production Monitoring and RJG. He has provided training on multiple subjects to hundreds of setup and process technicians thru the years. Robert has held multiple management & engineering positions throughout the industry. As of November 1st 2016 Robert joined the Krauss Maffei team to help improve training capabilities. 

Workforce - Recruitment, Training and Retention: Navigating the Employee Minefield

Wednesday, June 14th - 10:00am to 11:20am

Hear from professionals who will: 

  • Help navigate the minefield in finding the best employees for your positions
  • Assist you with understanding and identifying training requirements
  • Teach you how to improve rention of skilled employees

A recruitment specialist will share valuable tips on how to find skilled employees in today's markets as well as how to attract them to your business. 

An experienced workplace trainer will demonstrate a blueprint for training excellent and how the correct training can enhance your business, the careers of your employees and improve the retention of skilled staff. Hear best practices for implementing a successful training program that includes appointing a training manager or supervisor, creating a dedicated training space, developing communication materials and a schedule to promote the new training program and more.