Workforce - Recruitment, Training and Retention: Navigating the Employee Minefield

Wednesday, June 14th - 10:00am to 11:20am

Hear from professionals who will: 

  • Help navigate the minefield in finding the best employees for your positions
  • Assist you with understanding and identifying training requirements
  • Teach you how to improve rention of skilled employees

A recruitment specialist will share valuable tips on how to find skilled employees in today's markets as well as how to attract them to your business. 

An experienced workplace trainer will demonstrate a blueprint for training excellent and how the correct training can enhance your business, the careers of your employees and improve the retention of skilled staff. Hear best practices for implementing a successful training program that includes appointing a training manager or supervisor, creating a dedicated training space, developing communication materials and a schedule to promote the new training program and more. 


Faster Changeovers and Simplified Startups: Purging as Preventative Maintenance

Wednesday, June 14th - 2:00pm to 2:45pm

The presentation begins with a quick review of why purging compounds are necessary, followed by specific tips and recommendations on how to maximize the benefits of a purging compound in plastics processing environments. Faster changeovers and downtime reduction associated with screw pulls and startups will be emphasized. An actual case study with an automotive molder using a preventative purging program will be featured to highlight the effectiveness of purging compound in reducing scrap rates, followed by cost saving analysis examples. 


Standards & Safety

Thursday, June 15th - 10:00am to 11:45am

This session is intended as an introduction to a subject that directly and indirectly impacts 85-90% of global commerce- standards. Standards are used everywhere; lack of understanding can be detrimental to your business, and conversely, proper application can provide a competitive edge. This session will give you an overview of standards in both theory and practical use.  This session will start with a general overview of standards, and then compare and contrast standards development in different global regions. We will also explore significant strategic aspects of standardization including risk assessment and control of hazardous energy standards, and take a detailed look at safety standards that impact the plastics industry. Then learn from a consultant specializing in risk assessment and safety through design. 


Exhibitor Super Session: Proper Mold Protection and Lubrication

Thursday, June 15th - 12:00pm to 12:20pm

Join us and see how we can help you with all your rust prevention and lubrication issues for your daily and long-term care of your molds. 


Exhibitor Super Session: SMART LEAN Manufacturing for Plastics Shopfloors

Thursday, June 15th - 12:25pm to 12:45pm

Machines and equipment stop because of many different reasons. These stoppages should be seen as losses, as they are effecting utilization. It is possible to minimize all the planned and unplanned stoppages, manage their durations, and increase the equipment utilization rate. Learn about applications that will enhance performance, effectiveness and success of Production, Quality, Maintenance and Planning Personnel while also making life easier for them.



Exhibitor Super Session: Quick Shots: Purging Compound

Thursday, June 15th - 12:50pm to 1:10pm

Quick shots is a new pre-dosed purging compound that simplifies the purging process